I was in Cape Town recently and I had the pleasure to visit a really inspiring medical institution of sports science, where the focus is on healing illness through diet and nutrition. They also focus on preventative medicine. Total breath of fresh air! South Africa is actually quite advanced when it comes to knowledge about health (well, Cape Town is anyway). The institute was set up by a guy called Tim Noakes, who's a huge figurehead in sports and health in South AFrica, but I don't think people outside of there know him. I met him anyway... really nice guy.

He used to be a long distance runner and wrote a book called "Lore of Running", where he advocated carbo loading for athletes, then developed type II diabetes, changed hid diet and cured himself. Now he's done a complete 180 - Here's his theory on low carb diets: Tim Noakes on carbohydrates: Health24: Fitness

What I really liked about him was that he was able to say "hey, I was wrong!" with no shame or regret. He's really knowledgeable, but kept reiterating how little he knows. All wise words, cos' sometimes people get attached to a science and it doesn't give them room for them to outgrow their views. I'm reading his autoboigraphy "Challenging beliefs" at the moment.

Just wondering if any of you have heard of him / read his books?