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Thread: I feel really weird...

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    I feel really weird...

    Hey everyone,

    Since last Thursday I really cut my carb intake cos' I went on the Candida diet. The problem is that I have digestive problems at the moment, so there's not many veggies I can eat. Fruit and starchy veggies are a no no. I don't really know how to count carbs, but I reckon I'm only consuming 20g a day. I think I've entered the legendary "fat burning mode".

    My energy started going downhill, which I expected since I'm not consuming carbs, but I just eased off on my activities and tried to rest more. My appetite started shrinking immediately - and then yesterday I had lunch (actually with a tiny bit of rice - sushi), and after that I felt no hunger for the rest of the day. I pretty much fasted for 22 hours (totally unintentionally), and I forced myself to eat at 1.30 today. But then - I got hungry!

    I had a large piece of haddock, two slices of bacon, lots of herbs and lemon, and an avo. And I suddenly felt terrible I had to lie down. I lay there for half an hour with huge food cravings, so I got up an ate 350g of goats milk probiotic yogurt. This made me feel better briefly, but I was still craving food, so an hour later I went and had two pieces of bacon and two eggs fried in coconut oil, with half a courgette, five brazil nuts, and a couple of spoons of coconut oil. Finally I felt satiated. What's going on? How can I go from no appetite / forcing myself to eat, to needing to eat so much? Now I have no energy, brain fog, and a lump in my throat. I've felt quite weird over the last few days, but this is the worst yet. I was meant to go out to meet friends but I had to cancel.

    I read both Mark's posts about becoming a fat burner, so most of these feelings make sense, but is there anything I can do to help myself through? Please don't tell me to eat more carbs.
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