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Thread: best bread option for nonpaleo family members

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    Sourdough has a fermented component. Whole foods carries a sliced, no sugar added loaf that is delicious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cavequeen View Post
    I have one child with Mild ADD ( the reformed sugar, sweetener sneaker) but the other two don't have any issues really. Though years ago one had some mild rash on one leg and both ankles kind of like eczema but has since gone away in his teen years. I would like to move to gluten free I am going to have to experiment with different ones but at least they like white corn tortillas ( that's gluten free usually right?)
    I always assume they try to sneak flour in somehow. Where I live it's rare to find those babies unless I go hunting at specialty stores/farmer's markets. And then I have to ask the person selling it b/c there's no label.

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    I let my kids/hubby use Udi's white sandwich bread. It's not perfect, but it's not gluten. With my husband's mother having celiac disease and my having it I just don't want to take any chances with wheat.

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    try silver hills bakery. they have tons of options and are gluten free, non-gmo, organic ingredients, sprouted, no dairy.
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    Rice cakes can make a good substitute for bread some of the time. My 4 year-old gets rice cakes instead of sandwiches for his kinder lunch, and I feel good about it because at least it's gluten free and less processed, and the teachers won't think he's being abused through lack of grains!

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    I buy the cheapest bread at Safeway for my family...their in-store bakery loaves. No chemicals or preservatives, no HFCS. Under $2/loaf.

    Store bread doesn't interest me, but home baked or artisan bread...oh dear. Its partly my 2 year love affair with bread making that brought me to primal. So no, I'm not going to whip up a loaf of homemade bread for my family, because the chances of there being enough left to make 2 sandwiches are pretty low.
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    Thanks for this thread, I have been thinking about the same thing for my non-paleo son.

    I buy whole wheat bread from Trader Joe's that has a very short and acceptable ingredient list. I don't think white vs. whole wheat matters much--my understanding is that there are more anti-nutrients in whole wheat, even though there are more nutrients as well, so it's kind of a wash. My son is used to whole wheat so that's what we get (he protested loudly the first time he got a sandwich on white bread!) I stopped getting the multi-grain type as it had soy in it.

    For a dinner roll, I have served almond-flour based biscuits (Elana's Pantry recipe) to company and everyone seems to enjoy them. They are pretty quick to make--almond flour stuff is less picky about how it is handled than gluten flour baking, so that makes it easier.

    Could hungry teens get in the habit of microwaving themselves a baked potato for a snack? Served with some good grass-fed butter, it might be tasty and easy and cheap (well, not the butter...)

    I have ended up making fewer pancake-type things even though my son likes almond-flour versions--they end up with more sugar on them than seems worth it. We have also been focusing on reducing sugar, or even just replacing lots-of-ingredients sweets with simpler things like a chocolate bar or yogurt and maple syrup.

    It's hard to experiment with expensive foods like GF bread or Pure Wraps ("raw, vegan, and alkaline" kind of cracked me up) when I know nobody else will eat it either if my son doesn't like it. I didn't mind so much when I could just finish his leftovers.

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    Great responses everyone. Yes, I don't like oatmeal, cereal or pancakes much because they tend to add too much sugar or honey. Usually they eat grains/ bread on a sandwich and occasional side with dinner.

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