Hi everyone, still a newbie to this sight and wanted your advice on what im eating, I have lost much weight (if any) since being on the diet and wanted to know if my food intake was wrong. I am 21 5'6 and weight around 10stone.. I am training 5-6 days a week which i know has to be taken into consideration because of the muscle gaining... Help would be much appreciated

6.15am black coffee 10 minutes before training (a mixture of cardio and weight)

8am take my vitamins and either have a protein shake and bannana or porridge with seeds and cinnamon (i know porridge isnt the best however i do stick to having it in the mornings)

snack - few almonds

Lunch - Salad with various different meats and often avocados e.g chicken, ham, prawns

Snack straight after lunch i usually have a handful of berries just to take away my sweet tooth

Dinner - Fish and veg, chicken and veg, ham omelette with veg, bolognese with 50g spaghetti etc etc....

Just want to make sure i am not doing anything wrong

Thanks xx