Hey all,

Wanna start by introducing myself. Name's Greg, I'm 25, live on the island of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts with my girlfriend dog and two cats. This place is awesome, beautiful beaches, a buttload of hiking trails, hills, farms. I grew up coming here in the summers and 25 years later, sick of living in crowded unfriendly Miami, FL we decided to pull anchor and change the scenery.

Anyways since I've been here I'm surrounded by people of the earth, striving to create the perfect balance, living in harmony with the earth.

I want to get healthier! I've "dieted" before, to some temporary success. My girlfriend is a pescitarian (sp?) and for a while I hopped on that train. I dropped from 198ish to 179ish, which was awesome while it lasted.

But it didn't last.

Anyways I heard of this diet at a high school reunion and it seemed to make sense to me.

This morning I had a 3 egg omelet with pieces of wild alaskan salmon. Delish, and filling too!

Veggies scare me though (not literally) I'm just not sure how to incorporate them and in what quantities. I know they're important, but according to MDA there are veggies that aren't veggies, bananas are herbs, and a whole mess of other confusion.

I realize moderation is key but can anyone help shine some light on how they incorporate veggies and stuff other than meat and fat (what kinds/prep/etc.) into their diet?

I guess what it boils down to is I never realized the prevalence of carbs, so how do you portion the veggies?

Thanks a lot!