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Thread: because of my cat ! - artys primal journal

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    because of my cat ! - artys primal journal

    So I am a new member to the forum – hello to everyone /anyone who reads this journal.

    I am 52 , female 5’4’’ and weighing 163lbs . My cat is my inspiration for starting to eat this way , yes really !!

    I have struggled with my weight since about 8 years of age, for some reason at that age I became really tubby unlike my other siblings who never seemed to put on any weight no matter what they ate, my sister was always really skinny -and our Mum fed us a very healthy diet of fresh food - no fast food at all and if we had fizzy drinks it was only on birthdays and very little fried food or chips .

    my weight always made me miserable and I have spent most of my adult life on some kind of diet or another, I always watch what I eat, I have a healthy diet (or so I thought ) , preparing all our meals from fresh ingredients, including organic meat, and fruit and veg from a veg box scheme so mostly organic and seasonal , I love cooking and baking and had been making all our bread at home using sourdough .

    over the years at times I have lost weight but never could not keep it off – it went back on and then a bit more for good measure !

    In the past 10 – 15 years or so I became a gym hostage , serial dieter and jogger but exercise always just made me really hungry , still does ! and even at my very fittest and slimmest (not v slim either as I have a large frame !) I was at least 10lbs over weight and now thats spiraled up to 24lbs. I just cannot shift the weight and its getting more and more difficult - I up'd my exercise to such a degree that last year I injured my knee quite badly and have not been able to go running since ...

    I was so worried when I couldn't run that I decided to try Atkins even though I thought it wasn't a v healthy way of eating . I did loose some weight but really really missed my fruit and veg so fell off that wagon early this year.

    So back to the cat ….

    - we have 3 cats, all rescues. One (the most elderly ) got diabetes last year and we discovered through research on the internet that eating carbs for a carnivore is bad bad news and a cats pancreas can recover if put on the right diet (yeah you guessed it low carb !!) and the right doses of insulin ...up to that point our cats all ate the usual fare of canned and dried food both of which are v high in carbs.

    So radical changes in their diet to low carb cat food (only available in the UK on the internet ) . Over the year the cats lost all the extra weight, and went into remission from diabetes - my friends used to joke about my fat cats ...but not anymore...and it made me think !

    In the meantime I came across a book called Why We get Fat and What to do About it – by Gary Taubes. I was really fascinated , so much of what he was saying made sense to me – I could see what had happened to our cats eating carbs – anyhow the upshot was that it led me here. I am so impressed with the info, MDA and website , I have read all the freebies so far and will get the book too.

    I am hoping that at last I have understood some of what my body needs and why I have struggled so much over the years even if its taken all this time. I want my goals to be really achievable so initially I am aiming for loss of 7 lbs . The last time I tracked myself this carefully over an 8 week period I lost just 3 lbs counting calories, working out 3 x weekly burning 4-500 cals per workout, plus being pretty active most other days …it was just so depressing and I felt absolutely hopeless to change what was happening to my body .

    I started eating primally on June 27th but didn’t weigh myself until today, but got up courage since my jeans already feel looser and I can see that my bloated tum is looking much trimmer so I am starting at 163lbs and would like to get to 156lb. I will only be weighing myself once pw

    ….and so far today I ate

    B poached egg, handful rocket, 1 tomato, 2 slices bacon, 2 espresso , semi skim milk

    L salad of lettuce, celery, carrot, apple, red onion, chicken 1 tbsp homemade mayo, water , cup of tea with milk

    D gazpatcho (home made), scallops with baked sweet potato, sauce made with cream, shallot, parsley (yum !) 2 gls red wine

    snacks - goat cheddar, green seedless grapes, 1 tsp almond nut butter

    so its been an ok day was so full couldn't finish my sweet potato ! went for a nice walk and was feeling v hungry when I got home slight carb cravings but seem to be ok after above snacks ...
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