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Thread: Mid to long term changes

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    Mid to long term changes

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    Beyond weight loss and improved body composition, what changes have you experienced, physically, psychologically, emotionally, with primal?
    Im about two months in, I have more consistent energy and greatly improved facial skin. Cravings are subsiding, sleep is more refreshing, tummy is less poochy, satisfied with much less food and weaning off a pretty hardcore caffeine habit. Not a lot of movement in weight or body comp, but I'm in no rush. Glad to be able to support my body in healing and repairing.
    I understand that changes keep coming down the line. How long have you been making primal your priority, and what other improvements or changes have you noticed?

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    I started going semi primal in March. I have noticed my belt tightening, my face is a bit slimmer and the scales don't squeal so loudly when I get on them. I started HIT exercise on my rowing machine when I started my primal journey and Body by Science strength training last week. My wife says my back does not look so fat, now there's a compliment!

    I bought the 90 Day Journal. My 90 day goals are to lose another 14lbs and decrease my one kilometre time on the rowing machine from 4 mins 21 secs to 4 minutes dead.

    I wrote "semi primal" because I can not afford the top quality meat and other foods involved in being totally primal. I make the choices that I think are going to give me best value.
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    I've been doing this almost a year. I stopped losing weight around February of this year. Since then I continue to feel improvements in my mental health, physical strength and energy level. My body is firmer and doesn't jiggle as much. I also feel a sense that my appetite/satiety system can be trusted and that it works normally. I also can sense that if I ever was hypothyroid in the past I no longer am. I feel too strong, energetic, warm, healthy and happy to ever ask a doctor "what's wrong with me?" because I honestly feel there's nothing wrong with me. Well, except I seem to have hurt a muscle in my left shoulder...
    Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.

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    My weight loss has stalled, which is fine, as I have some skin that needs to tighten up and that is slowly happening.

    Overall, my skin is better, energy is better. I feel like I am more at peace with eating- I have cheats, but they don't consume me or snowball, and I am preferring the primal foods 100%. I feel like my bad choices are more habit vs. want. The only "cheats" that I've really been OMG this is worth it has been ice cream and a coke. I'm seeing a big improvement in some anxiety and sleep related issues. I feel like I'm getting stronger too.

    I need to lose more weight, but am working on getting my exercise back on track, then I am going to really clean up the diet. I have been maintaining effortlessly (ie eating whatever I want). Now "whatever I want" is healthy primal foods, but I see areas I could cut back on at times.

    I started at the end of last October at around 215 and a size 16 headed to an 18. I am now 184 and a size 12. I'd like to get to 155 or so and be a size 8.

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    Energy levels is certainly one of the biggest advantages. Getting up more refreshed too - I make an effort to sllep more though, I used to get only 5-6 hrs a night, now trying to aim at 7-8.
    I also seem to be happier, calmer and not fussing about things. I have noticed that if I eat lots of non-primal carbs for a couple of days, I turn into an irritable b*tch or depressive "I just want to lie here and do nothing" vegetable. Last three months I have been on very strict paleo (except one chat meal a week) and there hasn't been a single moodswing...

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    I started with PB about 3 months ago. By that point I had been exercising/dieting CW style for about 8 months and had lost most of the extra weight I had been carrying around by that point. I started around 235 lbs and had gotten to around 200 lbs before finding the PB. I was doing P90X, pretty regular cardio, and lifting a little weight, but mostly this was a result of switching from a diet that was mostly pizza and beer to a "healthy" CW diet.

    Since I started with PB, I've noticed a great improvement in mood, energy, and results. Ive dropped another 10 lbs in body weight while adding muscle. Ive changed my workout regiment and now 'exercise' about 1/3 as much as I used to. I ditched the cardio and focused more on adding strength. On days where I don't lift I focus on moving slowing/taking walks (which I dont consider exercise). Since I had been eating a lower-carb diet before Primal (about 150g/day) I have avoided the low-carb flu and its been a pretty easy transition to primal eating.

    I have much more energy now than I did 3 months ago. I no longer get tired and incredibly hungry every afternoon around 2:30. I can seemlessly skip a meal without much notice or care, as opposed to watching the clock like a hawk waiting for my lunch break. Ive been experimenting with fasting and usually do a 20+ hour fast once a week and find I feel great and have plenty of energy throughout the day (plus I love the gigantic dinner I have to break it!)

    Ive never been sick or had any chronic illness/disease/condition that was miraculously cured when I found PB. I simply feel great, look better, and believe that this is a way I can live for the rest of my life.
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