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Thread: Tired when at home?

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    Tired when at home?

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    I was just wondering what is that when I come home I always start to feel very tired and lethargic? For example, I was just walking outside feeling good and soon as I come inside I start to feel this lethargy. Basically I feel just laying in bed. I keep my curtains open and there should be a fair amount of natural sunlight inside the room.

    Any ideas what could cause this or perhaps it's just a psychological issue?

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    The air?
    Maybe a psychological issue.
    You could change your interior design. Move the couch around a bit. It is lifting heavy objects and bringing something fresh into the house.

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    Can it be something habitual/psychological? I am the same with eating after coming in from work (or after work&workout). Even if I have something to eat shortly before or have a big shake after the workout, I am "hungry" as soon as I enter the house. I figured it's what my parents always did after work (and I participated, of course). Even if dinner was planned to be just an hour later, there had to be a snack within half an hour of getting into the house.

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    I have the exact same problem. A lot of mine is mental. When I'mmout, I don't worry about laundry, dishes, the bathrooms that need cleaning, etc. I get bored with the same scenery too... And when I get bored, I get proccupied with food which makes me feel hungry, so I eat more. Maybe it's time for a vacation?!
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