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  • Strict paleo- no dairy, sugar, legumes,booze, potatoes

    6 6.74%
  • Relaxed Paleo, limited dairy, and see above

    29 32.58%
  • OG Primal, some dairy&sugar, some cheats

    23 25.84%
  • New Primal, see above + some rice & sweet potatoes

    29 32.58%
  • GAPS

    0 0%
  • Ancestral/Weston Price, fermented dairy, sprouted grains, soaked legumes

    2 2.25%
  • Other (please specify)

    7 7.87%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Poll: Eating Lifestyle Idetification

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    Poll: Eating Lifestyle Idetification

    Okay, I tried to create a poll earlier, but had way too many characters. I've been Paleo/Primal since 2010. Whew, have the definitions changed since then! It is very hard for new people to get a grasp on the terms and definitions/boundaries between Paleo/Primal/Ancestral/Low Carb, etc. I thought it would be fun and enlightening for us to take a poll, to see where we stand on way of eating lifestyles. If you have something to tweak or add to the poll (these categories are general), feel free to comment- in a non-asinine way.
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    I am pretty much 98/2 when it comes to compliance, not because I'm OCD but because this is where I feel right physically. The 2% is for social situations where the ingredients are out of my control, not for intentional "cheats".

    Low carb (you could have another whole poll about the definition of "low" and "very" when it comes to carbs)
    Absolutely no grains
    No added sweeteners, real or fake
    No processed foods (I don't eat bacon, Primal heresy, I know)
    Minimal/infrequent tubers, no white potatoes
    Moderate fruit mostly berries, occasional banana
    No legumes
    Only butter (some people don't think that counts as "dairy", others do)
    No nasty oils
    Lotsa meat, mostly ruminants, all grass fed and finished, nose to tail
    Lotsa seafood and sea veggies, wild caught and organic
    Lotsa veggies, salads, organic and often homegrown
    A few nuts, mostly macs but limit quantity due to calories
    100% cocoa chocolate now and then
    A *very* occasional glass of red wine
    No caffeine

    I have done the n=1 with "safe starches" and dairy and they don't do anything but put pounds on me.
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    Other, I suppose. At the moment I really only eat meat and white potatoes, as I'm nursing a gut problem which is also linked with nasty depressive episodes. It keeps me happy, keeps the paint on the doors and the walls are nice and dent-free. But suppose my gut health magically improves tomorrow, I have no problem eating sweet potatoes, white potatoes, and even corn. I'm lactose intolerant, so dairy's a no-go, and I don't really miss it. No beans or "high quality" bread or any of that stuff for me.

    I don't call myself low carb because I don't bother tracking carbs. So I guess my biggest paleo sin is corn. And processed meat, but that's typically only as go-to source of meat in a pinch when I'm out in the Arizona heat.
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    I think "relaxed" is about the best fit I can think of, though in general I'm probably more "strict". I'm currently experimenting to see how different dairy products affect me, but rapidly drawing the conclusion they're not for me... which basically leaves once-in-a-blue-moon intake of a very small amount of alcohol, that's likely to be from a paleo-friendly source like apples.

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    Other -
    -I do dairy, mainly lactose free, some cheese, kefir, heavy cream, some raw.
    -Limited fruit, mainly berries with the occasional date or bite of something.
    -Very limited starch, absolutely none in the form of thickeners like xanthan/guar gum or carrageenan. I tried eating the occasional 1/2 banana or sweet potato but I backslide into sick, depressed and cravings when I do, so I'm off of them again.
    - Limited veggies as many have fructans so I either limit them or only eat them cooked which are more digestible.
    - Some nuts, mostly macadamias and if I eat others they have to be blanched.
    - No grains ever.
    - I use stevia for sweetening, occasional sugar if I'm out and get a coffee or the rare ice cream indigence, if I can find one without thickeners.
    - Legumes every once in a while.
    - Nothing processed with the exception of store bought bacon on occasion when I don't have pastured or sausage.
    - Very, very rarely alcohol.

    * Duh, completely left out assorted animal flesh and fats. Guess I just assumed it was a given.
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    What's the OG stand for? I do cheat sometimes, but that usually means a couple of cookies every couple of weeks, if not longer. I think I've had pizza once this year. Legumes are a part of my occasional dining-out Mexican food cheat, but again, that's once a month if not longer. I have white rice sometimes. I eat plenty of starches, including regular and sweet potatoes. I don't really consider myself primal/paleo anymore, just eating whole foods, but not legumes or grains. As long as I'm eating at home or at my parents house, I NEVER use crap oils.
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    What is OG?

    In my diet all wheat is eliminated, legumes and other grains are infrequently consumed. Sweet potato is ok. (I still have some rice and a white potato occasionally). Milk is eliminated because of lactose and casein. I do use Probiotic yogurt and butter for cooking and aged hard cheese for K2.

    No sugar/HFCS & industrial seed oils, processed foods.
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    Primal/Paleo is not for everyone, it's for those who have committed to understand.
    READ THE BOOK! Robb Wolf says: "Trying to convince people to save their own ass will burn you out."

    Vegetarians are the enemy of everything good and decent in the human spirit, and an affront to all I stand for -- the pure enjoyment of food. Anthony Bourdain

    and yes, calories DO count my little piggies

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    I'll have to read upthread and find the context but OG is often shorthand for organic.

    ETA-Between OG Primal and NEW Primal maybe OG is Original Gangsta Primal. You probably have to get a grok tattoo to get into that club.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brahnamin View Post
    ETA-Between OG Primal and NEW Primal maybe OG is Original Gangsta Primal. You probably have to get a grok tattoo to get into that club.
    I think to be an OG you have to have been beaten into the club.
    Or beaten up a vegetarian.
    Or schooled a waiter about the differences between butter and the "butter" that's on your plate.
    Any more?
    If I just said LOL, I lied. Do or do not. There is no try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justyouraveragecavemen View Post
    I think to be an OG you have to have been beaten into the club.
    Or beaten up a vegetarian.
    Or schooled a waiter about the differences between butter and the "butter" that's on your plate.
    Any more?
    Maybe New Primal means you got beaten up *by* a vegetarian.

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