Paleo eating has been a pinch for me. I've lost over 100 lbs and have kept it off (although I have wavered up and down a bit during on-wagon and off-wagon (cough cough Christmastime) moments.


The one demon that i have continued to fight is diet soda. I don't smoke. I don't do drugs. I don't even drink alcohol. Besides the diet soda my body is pure as driven snow.

Water is boring... come on people, don't pretend it isn't. I can totally drink water all day long... but not with a meal. I simply cannot drink water with a meal, I just gotta have something with flavour.

When I was fat me (300+lbs) I drank my weight in Mt. Dew.
Then for most of my paleo life I drank Diet Mt. Dew (my one vice, but it has it's consequences, of course.)
As for the last month and a half I've been on Diet Caffeine Free Mt. Dew.

I have given up caffeine completely and I am 10000x better for it. Better sleeping habits. Less cravings. Better moods. Less depression. To each his own but to me caffeine was a destructive, addictive drug of pure hell.

Baby steps, they say...

That's why I do the caffeine free diet mt. dew... which isn't good in any way shape or form but it's a bridge toward something better. Quitting soda involves a strong addiction to the fake sugar as well as the caffeine. Now that i'm off the caffeine that leaves only one demon to battle.

If I am ever to rid myself of this demon I must replace it with something. They say nobody can really get ride of addiction, only replace it. I can easily drink water all day long... but I need something with some sort of flavor to have at lunch and dinner.

So what do you drink...?

I personally hate lemons and adding a "drop" of something to water isn't adding flavour. I don't drink coffee (decaf or not), and I am extremely lactose intolerant so heavy cream is a total no go. Also I hate alcohol.

What about Orange juice... like that Simply Orange stuff... is that any good (as is healthy)...