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Thread: What Do You Drink?

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    What Do You Drink?

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    Paleo eating has been a pinch for me. I've lost over 100 lbs and have kept it off (although I have wavered up and down a bit during on-wagon and off-wagon (cough cough Christmastime) moments.


    The one demon that i have continued to fight is diet soda. I don't smoke. I don't do drugs. I don't even drink alcohol. Besides the diet soda my body is pure as driven snow.

    Water is boring... come on people, don't pretend it isn't. I can totally drink water all day long... but not with a meal. I simply cannot drink water with a meal, I just gotta have something with flavour.

    When I was fat me (300+lbs) I drank my weight in Mt. Dew.
    Then for most of my paleo life I drank Diet Mt. Dew (my one vice, but it has it's consequences, of course.)
    As for the last month and a half I've been on Diet Caffeine Free Mt. Dew.

    I have given up caffeine completely and I am 10000x better for it. Better sleeping habits. Less cravings. Better moods. Less depression. To each his own but to me caffeine was a destructive, addictive drug of pure hell.

    Baby steps, they say...

    That's why I do the caffeine free diet mt. dew... which isn't good in any way shape or form but it's a bridge toward something better. Quitting soda involves a strong addiction to the fake sugar as well as the caffeine. Now that i'm off the caffeine that leaves only one demon to battle.

    If I am ever to rid myself of this demon I must replace it with something. They say nobody can really get ride of addiction, only replace it. I can easily drink water all day long... but I need something with some sort of flavor to have at lunch and dinner.

    So what do you drink...?

    I personally hate lemons and adding a "drop" of something to water isn't adding flavour. I don't drink coffee (decaf or not), and I am extremely lactose intolerant so heavy cream is a total no go. Also I hate alcohol.

    What about Orange juice... like that Simply Orange stuff... is that any good (as is healthy)...
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    I drink alot of Perrier. I like the bubbles!

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    coconut water, fresh-squeezed orange juice, or almond milk.

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    Bubbly mineral water with a splash of lemon or lime juice is my drink of choice.

    Also you might try kombucha if you like the fizziness. It could be a good soda substitute.

    Kuddos on getting de-caffienated. That's not easy but definitely worth doing.

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    I drink about half a gallon of green tea while I'm at work - preparing for life's worst while living for the best

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    I drink a lot of tea (all varieties, depends on my mood) and yerba mate in addition to the water.

    But since you went and got decaffinated (*shakes fist*), I guess that's out of the question.

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    Coffee with heavy cream first thing. Then a kefir/fruit/coconut oil smoothie. Then 3 16oz mugs of tea at work. Then 8oz of red wine with dinner and dessert. Sometimes the wine is replaced by hard cider or port.

    On weekends when I'm doing farm work in the sun, I drink bottled water, sun tea, and/or water with lemon or lime slices. Sometimes red wine mixed with seltzer.
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    I am a beverage whore. I really love all the bad beverages. But for the most part I gave them all up. I love GT's kombucha - damned expensive but really yummy. Also seltzer water with a glug of grape, cranberry, or other juice is really good too. Sometimes I buy fizzy apple juice, the Orenciata Pelligrino which is awesome but pretty sweet, the mango coconut water or Odwalla orange juice.

    But really, mostly I drink water. Once you clear the other stuff out, water is fine when you are thirsty.
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    Kombucha rocks.

    Flavored seltzer, sweetened with liquid stevia.

    I've recently become addicted to Sobe LifeWater Zero. :-/

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    I never developed a taste for either regular or diet soda, so fortunately that's one craving I don't have to worry about. Every day I drink:

    -two-four shots of espresso with a bit of half and half (I have a Nespresso machine that enables this - I LOVE it)
    -at least one large (16 oz) cup of brewed coffee, often more
    -plain water
    -sparkling water when I want something fizzy
    -VERY occasionally a microbrew

    I never liked wine or tea, so don't drink them.

    I used to really love Kombucha, got out of the habit of drinking those, may have to give that another shot ...

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