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    Ilike tea, coffee, (only small and once a morning or I don't sleep), hibiscus tea, nettle tea - wine....

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    I used to drink a lot of soda every day. I quit cold turkey when I started eating Paleo. You just have to have the willpower to do it.

    During the day, I'll have water that I add lemon and lime juice to, with a tiny pinch of salt. No sweeteners. The lemon/lime mix is very refreshing, and they have a lot of electrolytes. Sometimes I'll have the same thing with dinner.
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    Water with lemon, club soda, now I'm on an iced coffee kick. Usually decaf and black or w coconut milk. coconut water is a treat for me. Unsweetened iced tea with lemon!

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    Thanks everyone... I never even thought about caffeine free tea...
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    Iced black tea and lemon. If it's good tea (Rishi Earl Grey is a favorite) no sweeteners needed. Of course the trick is finding a good decaffeinated version. I've yet to meet one. But at a max of 2 glasses a day I'm okay with Caffeinated. If you're totally off caffeine that might not work for you.

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    Water isn't boring. Often it's really scary or really pretty.

    I drink coffee, wine, bloody marys and plain water. Sometimes when I'm hiking I put an Endurolyte Fizz in there. Once in a while I'll have a V-8.
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    Flavored water, HINT, is my favorite, so many flavors and they even have fizzy ones now!

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    I start my day with a cup or two of coffee, usually with a little bit of coconut oil in it. Then water the rest of the day up through dinner. After dinner it's usually a glass or three of red wine or scotch.

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    Flavored water, HINT, is my favorite, so many flavors and they even have fizzy ones now!
    Oh I love Hint!! Watermelon and pear are my faves. You can reuse the bottles for awhile before they start to lose flavor too, which is nice.

    Nowadays, I drink lots of water. I also drink unsweetened coconut milk and occasionally I drink green tea, caffeine free tea, and homemade juices.

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    I like to grind up some fruit (skins and seeds, too) and then used it to enhance water, it's really refreshing.
    The only other things I drink are plain water and coffee/espresso with a bit of heavy whipping cream.
    The coffee and cream do have a tendency to keep me from wanting to eat for a few hours, though. Not exactly a deterrent if I only drink it in the morning.

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