I don't often post "recipes" because I don't often use them. I just kinda throw whatever I have that makes sense together and hope for the best.

This particular dish though, was so freaking epic... I wanted to post it. It reminds me of this amazing "rock shrimp" I had at Sushi D in Toronto almost a year ago that I've been craving since.

Anyways I put a bunch of coconut oil in my frying pan. I threw in what was left of my bag of frozen fresh (not precooked) shrimp from costco. They turned pink, I drained the pan mostly leaving some oil and then I poured in a bit of coconut aminos. I then put on a few shakes of granulated garlic and simmered. It made this epic crispy kinda sweet garlicky crust on the shrimp.

I am going to be making this again. And again. And again.