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Thread: Yes, this diet does have a catch.

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    Yes, this diet does have a catch.

    I eat 90% primal and feel better generally. But I really suffer when I have a cheat meal, like yesterday I had a slice of pizza and some sweets, and today I am bedridden with incredibly uncomfortable gut pain. I kept telling myself I had stomach flu or some other affliction but it has been several weeks in a row now where I have only had this on a monday after my sunday cheat. I guess I must have had bloating all the time before but didn't notice it until it was gone after a few weeks of Primal, and I realised I wasn't really farting any more. But now the GI pain I get when I cheat makes me actually cry

    So there can be no more cheats, at all. I'm kind of ok with this cos I seem to have a stronger willpower over food these days, and my food bill is lower too. I'm also ok with fasting a while, when there's nothing Primal to eat. I believe Primal is the healthiest way to eat, and I want to eat this way, I enjoy it.

    I just wish someone had told me at the start that, yes, there is a catch to this diet. Although some people say you can have a cheat now and then, some people can't, because by a twisted fluke of evolution, not eating something has the same effect of making you sensitive to it, as eating too much of something!!! So the foods you used to love might have to be abandoned (forever??) or else you will suffer horrible discomfort!

    I know this is a 'first world problem', and there are a lot worse things that could happen to me, but I am in pain right now and I just wanted to rant to people who will know what the heck I'm talking about. I am slightly pissed off that by doing the right thing for my body and going Primal, I've swapped a few minor health problems for one major one!!

    I've been Primal for 4 months now and have been losing weight steadily, and taking probiotic supplements to help me heal. I have heard that, theoretically, sensitivities can heal over time, but I would really love to hear from anyone who really did see their cheat reaction lessen after a while??
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