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Thread: Yes, this diet does have a catch.

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    I guess the way I see it is, if something makes me feel awful, why would I love it?! So, sure, I did love pizza and ice cream - had the waistline and energy levels to prove it, too! - but it no longer tastes good to me and just makes me feel like death, I love Primal food, and feel fantastic on a daily basis now... so there's really not much to lament!

    If you decide the ability to consume former favourites is more important to you than feeling good, then there's absolutely nothing stopping you from abandoning Primal and going back to some variant of SAD that works better for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirlot View Post
    I believe you need to stop thinking about it as a diet and more of a way of life.
    I like the cut of your gib young fella, exactly what I was thinking "who's on a diet?" :-)

    To the OP: you stopped eating regular doses of toxins and have now lost whatever tolerance to them you had built up... Bad side effect, bad!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tfarny View Post
    If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least

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    I started low carbing in 2010 and it was all going great until I went organic in March. Anything with additives and OH and I are sick But in the long run, additive free is healthier

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    Quote Originally Posted by Misabi View Post
    you stopped eating regular doses of toxins and have now lost whatever tolerance to them you had built up... Bad side effect, bad!

    I find my reactions depend on what I choose to indulge in. Is there grain in it? My gut will kick me right in the nads for that sh!t. Body temp goes up and I sweat like a pig and feel generally ill and achey. Same with a boat ton of sugar.

    Fat based treats that rely less on sugar (like a scoop of high quality chocolate ice cream) goes down no problem. Indulgence enjoyed.

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    I am going to play devil's advocate here - please, no attacks.
    I have found that people who are seeking to improve their health can be a little bit hypochondriacal. Yes, it is within the realm of possibility that food you subsisted on for decades (?) is making you ill after a somewhat short absence. I think it is more likely that it is either a result of your body shifting gears after making a dietary change, or a fluke.

    There is a logical fallacy in assuming that the eating of non-primal foods necessarily caused your problems. Look at it this way - a vegetarian will often have stomach distress after not eating meat for a while and then partaking. Does this mean that the vegetarian lifestyle is necessarily healthier? No. It is just a change. Correlation does not imply causation.

    Not that I am advocating pizza binges, but don't assume that it is the "poisons" or whatever in the food you ate. I think that is an overreach. Bottom line - eat what makes you feel good, but your body is infinitely more adaptable that what you are giving it credit for.

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    I think it depends on each person. I eat paleo/primal most of the time. I occasionally cheat with some milk, cheese, bread or sweets of some kind. I have had no major issues at all. I do get some nasal congestion with certain cheeses and dressings, but that's about it.

    Even though I don't seemed to be bothered by non-primal foods, I still avoid them. I feel healthier overall, especially knowing I am avoiding processed foods and chemicals. I also like knowing that I am not helping any of these corporations profit off selling me crap.

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    I never had cheat issues with stuff makin me sick. But I grew up on a big farm so maybe my metabolics weren't all metaviolated when I started this thing.
    The two constants in my life are a clean mind and dirty knees.

    Everything else is subject to change without notice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leida View Post
    I almost wish my response to cheating was evil. But nope, I just get hungrier and grow fat very fast. I also get hungrier if I mess up my ratios with perfectly primal foods (and get fat fast). I never really experience any negative stomach aches, bloating, heart-burns, high blood pressure, anything.... I can eat SAD just fine, I will just be huge.
    Me too! I went off the rails recently and had some (at least home-made) cookies and two (ahem) bagels with cream cheese. I was both hungry and my stomach felt ... something. Not full but stuffed.

    When I changed how I ate, it wasn't a 'I am following The Plan For Primal Living' it was just that I wanted to lose weight and as long as I ate protein I would build muscle and veggies are good but why eat a piece of bread? I was totally in calories out/calories in land. I ended up seeing my doctor because I felt weird all the time. Not hungry, but without my stomach feeling stuffed. I was worried all the meat was stuck in my guts and processing too slowly. Feel free to laugh at me for that one! The word I was missing -- the word missing for people who eat a carb heavy SAD -- was satiated. I had forgotten what that felt like.

    I still have oatmeal (ssh, don't tell anyone! but it's awesome with butter and coconut before a long run). Because I run afterwards I expect to be hungry and I eat usually some eggs or Nik's sticks (beef sticks) afterwards and I'm set until lunch.

    After my bagel experience I just don't want them any more, but I'm sure that'll change some day and I'll just go in knowing it'll seem weird and I should eat extra protein later to feel full properly again. Otherwise it's a downward spiral. But I don't have any other negative effects that would keep me from picking up that second bagel...

    Oh, yeah, and I gained 5 lbs. that weekend of the cookies/bagels. Lost it the next week, but still, as a female it completely freaked me out.

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    Thanks for the replies guys, it's interesting to hear how differently people have reacted.

    I agree that this is a way of life rather than a diet. I was never really a SAD eater before, I knew all about healthy fats and hidden sugars, and ate plenty of meat/eggs/fish/vegetables, it's just that I ate chocolate and crisps/chips as well cos I was addicted and depressed. It was not a great leap of knowledge taking on Primal, it was simply a leap of willpower to stick to it long enough to see an encouraging effect (for me it was only about a week before quitting bread and milk caused a dramatic effect).

    I am happy to eat this way forever, but it's unrealistic to say that you can avoid cheating. I'm not a cavewoman, I'm a modern woman who would like to eat out now and then without having to rudely interrogate the chef about his choice of ingredients, and have a slice of pizza now and then when my OH has ordered a takeaway pizza and there's nothing in the fridge and I'm too tired to go to the supermarket.

    As to the psycological/adjustment argument, I would say that, no, this is a dramatic physical reaction which is telling me my gut is not healed yet. Each time this has happened, it has been the day after a gluten/sugar cheat meal. And we're not talking a bit of bloating and a squishy poo. We're talking, bedridden with pain, going to the loo about 20 times in a day, and the first time it happened it was so terrifyingly unlike normal diarrhea I assumed I had some nasty bug akin to dysentery and was planning to go to the hospital if I got dehydrated!

    I also don't think I'm being a hypochondriac because I don't take any medication apart from an occasional painkiller and I hadn't needed to go to a doctor for 5 years until now, even when I had a suspected case of swine flu in 2010 I just stayed in bed for a week! I have to be seriously ill and worried before I'll bother going to a doctor!
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    Well, pizza gave me pretty bad cramps anyway, and combine it with ice cream and I would be pretty miserable. So I'm okay with not eating it. I don't even know why it caused me so much distress. I can eat cheese just fine without gastrointesitnal problems. Eating something like bagels and cream cheese never caused me distress. Something about pizza did.
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