I don't understand how nearly everyone at my school is in a normal weight range while living on sandwiches and biscuits and junk food (except a few people who just eat lettuce). My mum watches Dr Oz and other "health" shows on tv and is into conventional wisdom. She's healthy, she eats lots of wholegrains, almost zero saturated fat, and goes to the gym a few times a week (and mostly just goes on the treadmill). Everyone I know eats grains, vegetable oil, sugar, etc. and somehow I'm still fatter than most people my age. Am I missing something? Willpower? The only "advantage" I seem to have while eating primal is that I can easily skip meals and I don't have to eat as often, e.g. yesterday I ate a lot and it's now 4pm and I haven't eaten yet today because I'm still not hungry. It just seems really strange that people on this forum are so careful about avoiding certain foods (eg. wheat) that most people eat at every single meal. And if it's so important that our brains get enough saturated fat then how can everyone else's brains function on almost none? Is everyone just really well adapted to the modern diet?