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Thread: The Perils of Periwinkle Pitstop

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    The Perils of Periwinkle Pitstop

    When last we left our errant adventurer…wait…we didn’t leave her anywhere yet…She’s just getting started. Let’s backtrack…

    Hi everyone! I decided to keep a journal partly to track my food and my mood and partly to keep track of my life because it is about to get really crazy. I am 39. I have a four year old daughter and a two year old son. On July 21, the kids and I are moving into a two bedroom apartment and I get to begin my journey as a 40 year old separated, divorce pending, single working mom. I don’t recall that being my fervent dream as a young flower, but it must have been…because here I am.

    I am 4 feet 9 inches tall. I love to wear 3 inch platform heels…because…whoo-hoo…it’s like I am 5 feet tall. Back in 2003, via weight watchers, I went from 150 to 126. I think I might have weighed 126 for about a month and then started the long climb up. I gained 56 pounds with each pregnancy. I think I got back down to 170 after my little man was born and then began to slowly, insidiously creep up. In September of 2011, my scale got sassy with me and told me I weighed 189 pounds. When I considered that the next time I got on the scale it might be so bold as to tell me I weighed 190…I responded (as we do here in the south) with: “Oh hell no…” and I meant it…I was not going over 190 unless I was carrying around an extra person. From September to April I got down to 176 using CW, calorie counting, low fat, blah, blah, blah…and got stuck.

    Luckily for me, I stumbled onto Good Calorie, Bad Calorie. I am an RN and I am working on my Master’s in Nursing. I was disgusted with the sloppy research used by Keys and all the rest of it. And it left me at a huge loss. What the hell WAS I supposed to eat? I started looking into paleo eating and found MDA and decided that this was a great place to start. Because really…any way of eating that encourages bacon can’t be wrong…

    I haven’t eaten grains (with one exception) or processed food, or beans or sugar in 3 weeks and 2 days. This past Tuesday I ate the gluten free egg drop soup and pepper steak at PF Chang’s and had about a cup or so of white rice. I puffed up like a blow fish and gained 5 pounds and had little pains in my abdomen. Dammit. I love PF Chang’s. I guess once a month I’ll just have to rock the blow fish look.

    I’d like to rave about how all the pounds went poof when I gave up grains…but alas…I am not a poofer. I am a scale addict, so I have watched my weight drop to 169.5 and then go back up to 172 and then hit 176 after the PF Chang incident and now it is hovering at 173.5. I was 174 when I started. So clearly, this isn’t going to be a quick trip.

    I haven’t quite made up my mind to give up milk. I drink raw milk from a local farm. It is awesome. It is creamy and sweet and their cream is like heaven. I am flirting with the idea of giving up milk and my other mistress (85% dark chocolate) and trying for a Whole 30. But I have decided to hold off on that until AFTER the kids and I have moved out and my life has settled down a bit. Milk and dark chocolate are my antidepressant.

    Other odds and ends: As I said before, I am an RN. I work in an elementary school right now, but I have experience in mother/baby and in the NICU. I have two hamsters – Cinnamon and Mocha. My dream is to own a little farm and raise sheep, goats, a milk cow and a giant garden. If I ever make it back to Dallas, I plan to go through a post master’s program and become a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. As an NP, I think I could even tell my patients to adopt a primal lifestyle without freaking people out. If I told the kids at my elementary school to give up grains, men in black would descend and escort me from my clinic and brainwash me and replace me with a clone. So I guess I have to content myself with discouraging processed food and sugar…for now.

    No idea where this journal is going to go…but you are welcome to come along for the ride.
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