I've realised that for me its pretty hard to avoid processed oils. Although its obvious, they're everywhere. And lately it seems I don't have the luxury/time to cook at home for a week straight. In advance, I'm pretty sure there are 50+ posts explaining in detail the effects of processed oils in the body, but please bear with my laziness and post a few very honest, morbid and full-on biased descriptions of how would I be slowly killing myself if I keep eating food with it.

Thing is I don't have the palate to taste the rancid oils like some other people do so. Although I know I should avoid everything fried when we're out I know that even the stewed stuff must have a small amount of oil. Plus I started working and my father started doing the cooking, and ( dear God I'm sorry) but he just sucks. My brother is not primal at all, and he too just doesn't understand how someone can put so much oil into food. And its not even frying. I know I can cook my own meals, and sometimes I do, but you know sometimes I feel bad when he makes all these food for us that it's not even that heavy on grains and sugar (just the staple white rice) and we leave it out. So that leaves me with having to rinse chicken/steak/shrimp to eat some.

I guess I'm just asking for some inspiration? To keep my resolve and really limit that small, constant amounts that get into my body. And I know I decided what I eat or not, lol. I just want to know your thoughts lol.

Oh Plus, I really don't know it you can somehow reverse (?) the effects of the oils? Or are they completely permanent? I hope this made sense....