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Thread: Crap people say...

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    Not what people have said, more a line of dialogue in an advert between a squirrel and a hedgehog (which says it all).

    "All because they (people) aren't eating the fibre that nature intended them to!"'s an advert for bran flakes.
    Meat is Prized, Wheat is Despised.

    Real Food - The REAL staff of life

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    Quote Originally Posted by tercio View Post
    one friend of mine discovered the myfitnesspal mobile app. It scans barcodes and enters them into a daily log. He scans his daily breakfast of, for example, a pack of zingers and a monster. He knows i'm losing weight and keeps telling me i should get this app. I just tell him that my food doesn't come with barcodes.

    +1 awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by EncinoMan View Post
    Actually that's a pretty good step in the right direction for her husband. Obviously still a long way to go, but the allure of beer is powerful.
    True. My BIL rests his beer on his beer belly (they don't call it that for nothing), it's like a shelf sticking out. He looks like he's expecting triplets. He keeps complaining that he has back problem. No, he has front problems. Pregnant ladies get backaches too.

    But then he pats his tummy affectionately and says, "This here is a sign of good living."

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    Quote Originally Posted by PearlTigress View Post
    So many people focus on "low calorie" instead of nutritious or even non-poisonous! My MIL is on an ongoing weight loss journey (good for her! down like 60 or something so far) but she really likes her diet cokes... I wouldn't be surprised if that's limiting her losses. She also said on facebook that they're starting something similar to primal, but I know the other night they had fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Ah well. Good luck..
    Ah, the breaded food conundrum. People think it's meat. They don't consider the carbs and glutten and other nasties in the breadcumbs. I mean really people, it's just some bread in meatloaf! Jeeze! Right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tercio View Post
    I just tell him that my food doesn't come with barcodes.
    Classic comeback Tercio, I will use this, thank you

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