Has anyone out there encountered issues with starting PB without the support of your spouse? My wife isn't against it, but she doesn't want to participate. This makes it harder for me as I try to start the program. I read about PB almost a year ago and I've been trying to start it off and on ever since. How have those of you in this situation planned out your meals/snacks? Breakfast and Lunch aren't usually an issue, but dinner is (since we eat together). Save for making two separate dinners, I haven't yet figured out a solution. In addition, my wife is a dessert eater, and for most of my life I've never been much of one. But now, when she wants something for dessert, I usually feel obligated to partake. It's hard going grocery shopping too, as we end up spending more because I'm trying to shop PB and she's trying to shop "real" world. Anyways, I'm just frustrated, and it's made it hard to stay motivated. I really want to do PB, but I want to be all in!!