So, like I said in the New Member's Forum, I am a 51 year old man who has been fat essentially all of my adult life. I have been on nearly all of the trendy diets at one time or another and managed to lose weight on all of them, but since I never really changed my basic eating patterns I would drift back to the patterns and the weight would return.

I made various changes over time, eliminating soda, junk food and empty calories completely so my weight never went out of control entirely, but I've never been at a healthy weight either.

So in doing a great deal of reading I came across books like the Paleo Diet, Why we get fat and finally The Primal Blueprint. It made sense to me and I've been eating clean for several weeks now. I joined the Forum just yesterday and have been reading through the posts.

I decided to start a journal right away and this is it. I've tried journaling just on my own and at Fitday, but I really think I would like the interaction.

I know the intention is to state publicly that one intends to live according to the PB principles for 30 days, but I am thinking more in terms of a lifelong commitment. I've been on enough short term diets and when they are through I seem to ease back into old patterns of eating and lethargy. So I need to start with permanent changes.

I'll keep you all posted!