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Thread: Slipped up trying to do a perfect 30 days!

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    Slipped up trying to do a perfect 30 days!

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    I have been on and off doing primal, there are always just one or two days where I have ice cream or a slice of pizza, so I wanted to do a perfect 30 days this July, first week went by just fine I don't even think about it I just do it, but last night I got into an argument with my dad (while cooking pasture raised chicken) and I just had to get out of the house! I went to my friends and had hot dogs and ice cream...I'm mad that I promised myself 30 clean days and a week in I slipped up...just need some words of support/wisdom

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    Forget it, count it as a slip-up and start right back today eating healthy.
    Guilt will cause you to continue slipping, muster up all willpower inside you and carry on.
    It will get easier and easier as time goes by.
    Next time someone upsets you, grab a bottle of filtered water, go for a walk,
    do deep breathing and don't allow anyone to take your power.

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