First of all, I have gone from being on the maximum dose of not one, but Two blood pressure medications to now being on no blood pressure meds at all. my blood pressure control appears to be beautiful now. Unmedicated, I used to have readings in the region of 210/115 with a resting pulse of around 80. Today my blood pressure is 115/70 with a resting pulse of 55. I can't even believe this is possible!

And second, I have had my 10 year old daughter eating this way for the past 4 weeks because she was getting definitely overweight and having quite horrific food related behaviour which was never going to be tolerated by me! I didn't weigh her, she is after all a growing child! But I took some measurements, and after 4 weeks she has lost 8cm from her waist which is just a fabulous result. She looks brilliant now, and is eating so well, I am really proud of her because she has looked Haribo and chocolate in the face several times and turned them down.