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Thread: Fermented veggies - what to look for on the tin

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    Fermented veggies - what to look for on the tin

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    Hey everyone,

    Branching into the fermented veggies world, and while I wait for my Kale to ferment, I want to buy some ready made stuff.

    I know I should be looking for ones without sugar, that haven't been pasturised, but when I read the labels I'm totally perplexed... they ALL have so many ingredients! Are preservatives okay (probably a rookie question)? What should I be avoiding at all costs?

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    Well I bought sauerkraut at an organic food store and the only ingredients listed are cabbage and sea salt.
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    Do you have an asian market nearby? That would be a great place to find kim chee, which is a terrific probiotic food (as long as you like spicy stuff!). of course you can find it in regular stores, but the asian markets tend to sell it for a better price, and usually they aren't filled with a ton of preservatives.

    Anything that's been lacto-fermented (like sauerkraut or kim chee) is by definition already preserved, so I'd be wary if you're seeing something with added preservatives.

    Also, do you like/have you tried kombucha? That's a great probiotic drink and should be easy to find in a health food store, or a grocery store with decent 'health food' section.

    And, do the stores near you carry Bubbies pickles? They are a little pricey, but the label says they've not been pasteurized (I'm 99% sure). In my grocery store, they are stocked in the 'health food' section, not near the 'regular' commericial/claussen pickles.
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    I think it's important that it's raw isn't it? Or are all fermented foods raw?

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