I have adopted a primal diet. My ex-wife has not (quite the opposite). Am I harming my children's health by bringing them into my primal diet for 50% of the time, only to send them back to her, where a modern, conventional "diet" of high carb foods, sugar, HFCS, and general junk food are prevalent?

I'm afraid that if my kids are consuming higher animal fats, and fats from avocado/coconut/seeds/etc, while they're with me, their bodies will not be trained to burn that fat for energy because of the massive amounts of carbs/sugar that they're fed for the 50% of the time time they aren't with me. Furthermore, I assume they'll continue to be hungry to fill the glycogen void that will surely occur every time they're at my house. (I "assume" because the primal diet is relatively new to me)

I know the best scenario is to work out a diet with her for the kids... which means she'd have to alter her diet too... which means I'd have to ask her to change how she eats... which means I'm suggesting that she's doing something wrong. Right. Not going to happen. So, let's assume that nothing changes with regard to how she feeds them. Is a 50% primal diet bad for my kids? I'm immensely concerned about what I might be doing to, or for, their health.

Any wisdom on the matter is appreciated! Thanks.