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Thread: Do You, Personally, Kill Your Own Meat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiigigaw View Post
    I'm not sure what it takes to go from the emotional connection to the butchering. I just... do it. When I'm cleaning a rabbit I just bagged, mostly what is going through my head is how I intend to prepare it. If I snared it while camping, I'll usually toss it on a spit immediately. Sometimes I enjoy a rabbit that has been frozen through first, in order to create a more tender meal.

    So maybe that would work for you? Think of it as just another step in eating. Like cutting an onion or preparing a brine.
    That is where my nephews are at. If they see deer in the field, the comments start at Yum and go on to rhapsodize about good venison meals.

    Once, a few years ago, a neighbor gave me a rabbit they had bagged. The head and guts and skin were off, but the feet were still on.

    Chopping off those furry little bunny feet was not the easiest thing. But I managed to tough it out because the rabbit was already dead and I didn't want to waste good meat, and I actually did a bit of what you suggest. I just kept repeating "rabbit stew... rabbit stew" and sometimes it was more of a yell...
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    Quote Originally Posted by fuzzylogic View Post
    Pigs stink, especially if it gets rainy where you are. If it does, expect them to dig right out of the pen. Hotwire helps, but they will dig up to it and then ground it out with mud. Best to keep them on concrete. Rotate their pen yearly or nothing but nothing will live where they were for several years.

    Yes, they will escape. No, they are neither clean nor intelligent. Be sure to ring their noses, it will help keep them in: And I mean multiple rings, so they look like porcine punk rockers. They will also bite, preferably you, but definitely any small child near their pen, and they are filthy, so their bites become infected easily.

    Sounds like the blanket description of every farm animal ever kept - when taken care of improperly.

    Crowded animals stink. Neglected animals are mean and bite. Stupid animals(which happen to be smarter than dogs) are so because they get no stimulation.

    You could say the same for a pen full of dogs that you don't interact with. You'll have a pen full of biting ferals.

    That being said, I have never hunted, but I've killed chickens and gutted many rabbits. I don't have a problem with killing my own meat. I do respect the animals and thank them - though I do find it hard to call it "sacrificing themselves." They aren't giving their life, I am taking it. There is a difference.

    I can't wait to get my rabbit house up and running. I'll know that my food is well taken care of and properly dispatched.
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