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Thread: 30 days until PrimalCon!

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    And I'm totally pumped for it. Never done anything like this.

    I think I'll do some fine tuning:

    1) Cut out beer. That might help my fat loss plateau.

    2) More play.

    3) Sleep better/longer.

    4) More Pull Ups.

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    Way to go, Lars! PrimalCon is great motivation to get more primal in every possible way.

    On my list:

    1) Nothing but cold showers. Got to be ready for that jump in the ocean.

    2) Get a frisbee and practice throwing it at a tree several thousand times so I don't totally ruin the ultimate frisbee game.

    3) Urban workouts every day with lots of balancing, jumping and climbing to be in top condition for the obstacle course.

    4) Regular IFs, with a 36-hour IF before the first day. The food will be amazing and I intend to enjoy it to the fullest.

    For this next month, let's make the most of every day and every bite!

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    Wow Tim. That's pretty hardcore.

    I'll try to keep up with you.

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    I'm in the same boat, I have some cramming to do before the big event!

    -Cut down the wine consumption to 1 glass a night
    -Get in more sprints
    -Get in a few more swims for the ocean plunge

    I can't wait to meet my fellow grokkers that are attending!!!

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    Thanks for the inspiration, Lars. Just over 3 weeks to go!

    My own preparation list:
    1) Get enough sleep every night
    2) Stay focused on eating right
    3) Sprint every week
    4) Buy a new bikini : D

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    Yes, the new bikini is important, I agree!

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    On that note, I'll need to pick up some swim trunks or two, some VFFs, and some additional workout clothing... I've had the same stuff for years.

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    but pending publication in the official register which should take another 30 days.

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