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    I have the tools but can't use them.

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    Hello, I'm James. like most of you I have had the pleasure of stumbling up on this website full of extremely useful information about human life and health and fitness etc... But I have a rather irritating and sometimes embarrassing dilemma. By my own admissions I am one of the most dedicated human beings on this planet when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet and fitness regime. There is only one real problem, I can hardly eat anything. I am so looking forward to a life of great health and vitality but there are just so many foods I can not eat. It's so irritating for me, I'm a mature adult with the food palette of a child. I've never actually had a problem in the past because I just didn't care and ate what I wanted. But things have changed and I have turned my life around and am trying my best to pursue a healthy lifestyle but cant go through with it all while my options are so limited. I have subscribed to this great tool and am very impressed and have the means to create a fantastic diet for myself but I just can't eat anything. Don't get me wrong I have tried a few vegetables in the past but would just wretch them back out. I really do try my best to stay off my old diet because I view it as juvenile and do not want to go back to being overweight. It's not nice when all the foods you need to eat are just rejected by your brain,i'm so sick of it getting in the way of progress! If anyone out there can give me advice on how to introduce new food to my brain or anything like that then please give me a buzz. Thanks.

    P.s. Sorry if this is post is a bit long winded but just had to get it out there!

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    Wrap it in bacon, problem solved.
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    What foods do you like?

    What are your goals in going primal?

    Have you tried supplementing zinc?
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    How are you cooking them? If your frame of reference is soggy, overcooked veg then it's understandable. Try roasting which makes many veg taste very un-veglike. Toss in olive oil, sprinkle on garlic then when done toss in parmesan cheese. Chop up and saute Brussels sprouts in bacon grease, add onions and bacon, toss with a little fresh grated parmesan cheese (it makes everything delicious). Can you get spaghetti squash there? Eat it instead of spaghetti. Add very finely chopped veg to the sauce. It will likely take a while. Try one new thing at a time and eat just a little. Then a little more.

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    I don't know what your aversions are, but if you're overweight you will likely want to do a lower-carb version of PB. And if you cut out the grains & sugar, eat plenty of good fats and sufficient protein, and fully adapt to fat-burning (whether you're in ketosis or not) you may find that your palate changes significantly. Mine certainly did--for instance, I noticed that certain vegetables were sweeter and had subtle flavors I hadn't previously noticed.

    I strongly second blackcatbone on preparation tips: the steamed, fat-free veggies CW diets inflict on us are a pale imitation of their roasted, oil- or butter-drenched counterparts. Cauliflower is amazing roasted with olive oil & cumin; it tastes almost nothing like the raw or boiled versions. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, same thing. Bacon grease, butter, olive oil, home-made Hollandaise, melted's all good!

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    I agree with the above posters - it's all in the prep. I know the UK way of cooking veggies is to boil them, then boil them some more, then boil them for a bit, then boil them some more, chuck out the water where any nutrional value has gone, then add some more water and boil them again.


    Fry stuff, add cheese, add bacon, add bacon and cheese.

    Get yourself some spicy sausage, fry with mushrooms and oinions in half olive oil half butter, when done chuck over a ton of washed kale, cook for a couple mins till kale wilts in steam from it being wet, stir on a knob of butter, then chuck over a good handful of grated strong farmhouse chedda. NOM NOM NOM.

    Anyway got to go put the sprouts in the slowcooker so they are ready for when the family comes over for Christmas Dinner
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    More information, please, Mr. James.

    What DOES go down the hatch?
    What have you tried that was spat out, and how was it prepared?

    If you give us details, we can work better with that... hope to hear.

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    There have been a few crybaby posts every now and then from people who just don't like vegetables or meat or liver or anything healthy and all they can eat is pablum (plus anything that comes in a wrapper somehow seems palatable to them). I don't think there is any hope for people like that. I suggest maybe you try actual baby food. Get the squash and carrots and beef stew and see if can work your way up. I don't mean to be harsh even though I totally am being harsh, but I honestly don't understand people who have no ability to develop adult tastes in food.
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    Fast until you are legitimately ravenous, then whatever you eat will be delicious.

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    I don't have the most sophisticated palate either, I guess. For example, I despise leafy greens. So I mostly make food I liked as a kid back when my mom actually cooked. Shepherd's pie (just the meat, sometimes with melted cheddar on top), chicken soup, beef stew, meatloaf, etc. You can seriously do fine just sticking to diced carrot/celery/onion (mirepoix). All of the dishes I mentioned require only those vegetables. I barely even buy any other vegetables, to be completely honestly. The produce bin in my fridge is just always full to the top with carrots/celery/onion.

    I think a lot of (most?) people here follow the big-piece-of-meat-with-vegetables-on-the-side meal model, which (for me) means you get to eat something nice (meat) followed by a bunch of unappetizing stuff you have to choke down (vegetables, especially raw ones). I don't like that, so I don't do it.

    The fact is that I love and crave the mouthfeel of fat and don't like the mouthfeel of vegetable matter. To me, it feels about as filling and satisfying as eating paper. To me, a mouthful of vegetables is like holding a lump of aluminum when you're used to holding lumps of iron. It feels light and unsubstantial. It feels low-quality, disposable, and disappointing. It's just thoroughly unsatisfying. I don't know if that's "immature" or not, but it is what it is. I rarely get into food that doesn't have a full, heavy, fatty mouthfeel. So I make a lot of soups and stews, where everything ends up with a homogenous meaty/buttery taste, yet every spoonful has vegetables in it right along with the meat.

    The trick is to thoroughly sautee the vegetables in butter or animal fat first before adding anything else. Then they don't taste or feel like vegetables in your mouth, because they are soft and creamy and buttery instead, and they lose the lightweight, bitter, and astringent qualities I associate with vegetables (and dislike so much). After being infused with fat, they blend in with the meat and sauce so well you can barely tell you are eating them unless you look. That's the goal for me. It's not just about sneaking vegetables into things I make, it's about infusing them with fat so they become psychologically (and probably biologically) satisfying. I actually load my soups/stews with vegetables, I just also load them with fat, and I make sure the vegetables soak it up before adding any water or stock at all. As long as I do that, they taste/feel great to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Apex Predator View Post
    Fast until you are legitimately ravenous, then whatever you eat will be delicious.
    This is not true. Back in my disordered eating days, I could go days/a week without eating, and I would still turn down a raw vegetable plate. They feel so unsubstantial to me that they wouldn't even be worth the effort to chew, in my mind.
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