There were some questions a while back about the overhead stuff missing from the newer version of PBF. Mark's crew said that it was because of the difficulty of the inverted stuff. I found out firsthand today!

It was finally time to start step 1 of CC hand stand push-ups which is a head stand. I get my pillow out, position it, psyche myself up, kick over, and promptly crash to the ground with a loud pop and see stars. The way I fell was on my neck with my back crashing against the wall and a loud audible pop; I'm now in a state of pain! My right side upper back and right side under my chest is hurting pretty bad and deep breaths hurt.

Newbies be careful when starting overhead stuff.

P.S. any advice on how I should deal with the pain? I don't really think I should see a doctor (unless this pain continues,) but what do y'all think?