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Thread: 1 ingredient banana "ice cream"

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    1 ingredient banana "ice cream"

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    We did this last night One-Ingredient Banana "Ice*Cream" - Circle B Kitchen - Circle B Kitchen

    I sliced the bananas pretty thin so they would grind up easier but I didn't freeze them quite long enough so it was banana "pudding". I also dumped in a bit of Hershey's Special Dark cocoa. It was very good! Next time I will try just plain with thoroughly frozen 'nanas.

    DS and DH (who hate bananas) both liked it.
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    I just had something similar, but added a second ingredient- coconut milk/cream from a can. Shook the can first to break up the layer of cream, added approx 3 tbsp to my mini blender with half a frozen banana. Manually pulsed the blender until creamy. Really delicious.


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    I've seen a few places recommend this... it is delicious, though given it's also basically pure sugar, I like to at least sprinkle some cinnamon or top, or preferably add some ingredients to balance it out a little. Coconut butter works well, as does coconut milk like mommymd suggested! Also a bit of flavoured whey protein if you have it.

    Amazing how different the texture is with frozen bananas though, isn't it! They're nice to eat in bite-sized frozen slices, too... I keep meaning to try those dipped in chocolate!

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    My wife makes these. Her first attempt was hilarious.

    I'm opening the freezer to get a roast out to thaw and I find a whole banana in there all by its lonesome, peel and all. I figured one of the kids had done it, but no, it's my wife. I told her she'd have better results just putting an already peeled banana in a baggy and freezing it that way but she insisted that the site she got the idea from (I think it was Weight Watchers) said that the frozen banana would peel just fine.

    It didn't.

    I had more fun watching her break into her treat than she did eating it. And she actually did enjoy eating it. She freezes them sans peel now and has one every couple of days. Frozen in a baggie (not cut up) they're really easy to mash up and just dump in a bowl.

    I haven't tried one yet.

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    This actually works much better with a food processor than a blender, though I'm not smart enough to know why.

    It's kind of magic actually. You're looking at this banana colored stuff, thinking, "this shit ain't ever going to resemble soft serve anything." But you keep processing 'cuz the recipe said to be patient. Anyway, just when you think it's all been a colossal joke, something in the texture changes, and Voila! - soft serve bananas.

    But yes, it is quite the sugar rush.
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    Ha! I would have frozen it with the peel on too! That's funny. This sounds worth a shot, thanks!

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