Newbie here...but lurking for a couple of months though. I've been primal for 3 months now (started out with the whole30 thing which I followed absolutely to the letter) and then switched to primal after my 30 days, adding back in some dairy and some 85-90% dark chocolate. My problem? I am constantly, constantly hungry and I'm not sure if that is ''normal" while following this lifestyle.

Here's some information: I'm 50 years old, 5 feet, 2 inches tall, 105 pounds. Very small framed. I am reasonably active, but have MS so am limited with the activity I can do. I do lift heavy weights 3x/week and walk some. My reason for going primal was to try to improve my energy level and reduce some of my MS symptoms without taking meds.

I always ate *healthy* before switching to primal (meaning lots of whole grains, legumes, very little meat). Switching to primal has not been a problem, but the hunger I now experience is. I'm not used to always thinking about food and wanting to eat constantly.

An example of what I eat is this:
Breakfast (I admit, I eat very early...5:30am but I have to be at work early): 2 egg/sausage/spinach "muffins" (no grains, just eggs, sausage and spinach baked together), a bowl of sliced strawberries with two heaping spoonfuls of full fat plain greek yogurt, and a cup of tea with a pinch of stevia.

Lunch (at 11:30am) : BAS with lots of veggies and meat, or leftovers from previous night's dinner (chicken or beef, big serving of veggies) I don't measure portion sizes, but I can say it's A LOT more food than I previously ate. A full, heaping plate full.

Dinner (around 5:30pm): Chicken, fish or beef. Salad. Veggies. Again, a full plate. My husband is amazed at how much I eat now. This is usually followed by about a half of a dark chocolate bar (either Lindt's 90% or Green & Black's 85%).

I am ravenously hungry at 9am (as in, that low-blood sugar, shakey kindof feeling), so I will eat some macadamia nuts or cashews and some unsweetened coconut flakes...maybe two handfuls. I will again be starving at 3:00 or so and if I have any food left at work will snack on a handful of almonds or some other nuts.

Why oh why am I so hungry all the time? I am eating more than I ever did before. I eat full-fat yogurt and cook with lots of either grass-fed butter or coconut oil. I used to eat just a whole wheat muffin with peanut butter for breakfast and be good until lunch time. Now I eat twice that and am starving.

What am I doing wrong? I don't like feeling this hungry all the time? Do I need to eat even more? I should add that when I do eat my meals I feel very full. It's just a couple of hours (sometimes even just one hour later) I'm hungry again. I keep reading where Mark says I shouldn't feel hungry. I should add that when I first started eating this way I lost about 3 lbs. When I added dairy and chocolate back in I gained that back. I'm not looking to lose weight, I just want to feel like I'm not hungry. And have more energy. Since I feel hungry all the time I feel like I still don't have much energy.

Thanks for reading this very long post and also for any help you could give me. I have learned a lot from this forum!