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    Less hungry because of heat?

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    I've been finding that the last couple of days I haven't been hungry whatsoever. I was wondering if there were any theories out there about the heat? It's been around 100 degrees F here with heat indexes topping that and I feel like that might have something to do with it.

    Any personal experiences on this matter? I work outside 8 hours a day and would think that that would leave me incredibley hungry but I haven't been at all.


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    Yes! I do not like to eat when I am hungry. Nothing sounds good. It makes sense that our bodies would want to shed weight in the heat. I also notice that I eat more in the winter.

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    Ugh, it's been rough these past few days!

    Whenever I'm very hot the most I can eat is some fruit. Once I'm cooled off and feel hydrated I'll be able to eat something more substantial.
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