Hey everyone,

I have a close friend who is trying to eat more primal (currently deployed so options are limited), is working out a lot more, and is starting on some supplements. I was hoping some of you more experienced men can give me some input on these? I was afraid he was getting into steroids, but I don't think these are? But I don't know how to tell. What's the difference between a supplement and a steroid anyway, and are all steroids bad? (or any, if you think they're fine). I found the scientific definition of a steroid but that didn't help me towards knowing how to tell if something is going to have negative side effects. Anyway, here's the ones I'm wondering about, please leave any feedback you have:

Muscle Milk
Musclepharm Assault
BCAA's and CAA's (amino acids)
Syntha 6 by BSN
Cell-Max amino acid by BSN

Good, bad, indifferent?