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    If you like beans and lentils go for it, myself they bloat me with gas and I spend a cpl days tooting my horn. I thought you were not supposed to eat them primarily because of the carb load they offer as well as nutritional downsides.
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    I don't eat beans or lentils because I find them to be disgusting in both taste and texture. And the painful bloating afterwards is something I like to avoid. I really don't understand why so many people like them, but if you do, I see no reason to stop eating them.

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    I used to eat them every so often in order to eat something else besides meat as I kinda felt guilty of eating meat at my every meals (lunches and dinner). Then I read Mark's book and the beans are now gone from my menu. Feeling bloated and blowing gas for a day or two was sufficient reason for me to drop them. I hate feeling bloated and although gas can sometimes be amusing, it gets old very fast. Dropping grains and beans was the best thing I could do and I've never felt that good before. I always used to be bloated on a daily basis and I can't say I miss these times. I feel at my best when I keep my eating to meat, veggies and fruits. I also do dairy in the form of milk/cream in my home made latte/coffee. I kept dairy after dropping it for a couple of weeks not feeling any better or worst. Added them back and still felt fine so didn't feel the need to drop that out of my "diet".

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    I wish I could eat them beans.

    But the 24-hour non stop farting whenever I eat them does not bode well for, well, anything I do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToldUzo View Post
    But we are also the only animals on this planet that cook our foods, ferment it, cultivate it and so on... maybe that is what makes us humans? If you eat clean, preferably organic and local foods all in moderation, then the variety might not be so bad for health? Only if you can tolerate dairy etc. of course (most are fine with raw).
    Of course animals do eat fermented foods though.

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    Just not that nutritious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neckhammer View Post
    Of course animals do eat fermented foods though.
    I also believe there are ants that grow fungus to feed to stuff they eat or something like that, I'm also fairly sure bees don't make honey coz I think it's nom with peanut butter
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    Quote Originally Posted by fatisyummy View Post
    No! Your experience is helpful!
    Leida you are a wonderful contributor to these boards...

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    In research labs we use different lectins purified from beans for all sorts of things. One of them will stimulate almost every type of T cell from your immune system to go crazy growing and producing things that stimulate the rest of your immune cells. The amount you need is insanely small to do this.

    I know most of those lectins are neutralized from cooking. But I can't ignore what I see in the lab as far as aggravating the immune response with even tiny little amounts.
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    This includes peanuts too I bet? My one remaining non-PB vice is good peanut butter!

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