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Thread: the Primal Journal of Anastasia

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    Cool the Primal Journal of Anastasia

    Thought I might like to look back later on and see the stats. I'm a stats kinda girl. So, where better than to lay it out here. Actually I'd love to lay it out in one of Marks new paper journals, but really, I should be saving money for a holiday later in the year. So online will have to suffice

    This is officially day#16 of living primal.

    Stats (some to come later, when I've measured):
    LSP (Loss since Primal..? That'll work): 1.7kg
    Height (though unlikely to change...): 169cm
    Deadlift: 50kg
    Squat (Goblet): 35kg
    Pullup: nope, not yet.

    Currently doing football training 2 times a week. Also 30min of boxing 2 times a week. I enjoy both, and neither feel like exercise. So I have no plans to stop these. I also lift, but this is much more sporadic, especially with the other training. I get a lift in at least once a week.

    2 days (last weekend) I ate some wheat, other than that, its all been as per the PB. I have found it really easy to stick to. The only thing I have actually had to cut out was Sourdough Spelt bread & spelt flour brownies. But they were easily replaced with almond flour blueberry brownies :P That's my Sunday treat. Yeh, its sugary, but it will stay. I did only eat half of it last Sunday and gave the rest to the BF - that never happens. So maybe it wont stay? I IF, leangains style. My eating window is generally 10am-8pm. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I have been IF'ing for around 3 months, works really well for me. I can eat large meals, and not blow out cals (I'm trying to lean down). And breakfast has never been my thing anyway. Oh and I've demolished the remaining chocolate peanut butter in my pantry. Yeh, had to eat that to get rid of it. Better not waste it. It was freshly ground and delicious. 20%? haha

    I'm feeling:
    Really fantastic. I have had a steady stream of energy all day, every day. I was a sucker for a 3pm slump. Or a an after lunch food coma. None of that, even with large meals. I also wake up much easier, even though its the middle of winter. I wake up alert and not groggy. And I am feeling all this after only 16 days. Really? Madness. How can it be so simple?

    Everyone around me:
    The BF eats what I cook (and I do most of the cooking, and shopping). So he is eating primal by default. Unless he is buying his own lunch, which is usually subway. However I try and make double dinner batches so we both have lunch for the next day. He also has 'eat carbs for energy' drummed into him by a decade and a half of dietitian 'coaching'. He is a Type 1 diabetic. And the sh!t those dietitians teach. Oh, boy. That is a whole 'nother post of rage. Not for today. The housemates haven't noticed any difference in my eating. But I am always doing something new (Studying nutritional medicine gives you a very inquisitive heart when it comes to diets) and my mum thinks its great. I'm trying hard to get her over to the PB. She is so close, but still holds onto those legumes! Work people...yeh. They're ok. One tells me that coconut oil is bad because of all the saturated fat. Then proceeds to put margarine on his white bread. Yep. Another one is Celiac, and told me yesterday, after being off sick the day before, that he was ill because he ate a bowl of salted cashews, and all that fat made him sick. Yer.

    Think that's about all. Will catch up with you on Monday! Its Friday here, and I probably should do some work.
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