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Thread: Are there any success stories of WOMEN OVER 60 going primal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warrior Lynn View Post
    Now that I've been eating primal for 6 months, I thought a quick update would be in order. Just had all my blood work done and everything was in normal range! Actually my total cholesterol is lower than I've ever seen it. :-)
    Congratulations Warrior Lynn, that is a real milestone for you and example for others to emulate.

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    I'm 55 and had the good luck to be raised by a Mom who cooked about 70% primal before it ever was "invented".

    I've continued to eat that way through my life, although now I'm more like 90% primal, and I've never had any health problems (other than thyroid). My weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, are all excellent. The only medications I take are thyroid hormones. I fed my kids (all three now grown) the same way I was fed, and none have ever had weight problems or any other health issues.

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