Hi, would really appreciate some advice.

I've been gradually cutting my carbs from about 200g to 70-150g. I'm not eating grains anymore and have been as primal as I can. I used to eat a lot of bread and have gradually cut down over the last 6 weeks. I started losing weight when my carb intake was still above 150g, which I thought was a good thing, but the scales told me I'd lost 8lb of weight but gained 4lb of fat! I've lost another 3lb but haven't got to check my fat mass again yet. I feel so much better and have escaped the sick, intense hunger pangs I used to suffer but am concerned that I might be loosing muscle not fat-which is what a sporty friend with a great figure (who advocates plenty of carbs) suggested.

I've never been very over-weight, I'm 6"1 and weighed 11stone 5 for years whilst eating what I wanted (lots of carbs and sugar I'm sorry to say). I put two stone on over 2 years when taking lithium, which also caused an under active thyroid. Technically I wasn't overweight (but about 2lb from being so) but I had a fat stomach and thighs and my bf was at 31.7% I came off the lithium and lost 12 pounds over 8 months from working out and accidentally when I got a stomach upset on holiday. My body fat was decreasing gradually with the weight loss and my thyroid started working again.

I was at 12 stone 7 pounds with 27% body fat when I started cutting carbs and upping protein and fat. Over 6 weeks I lost 8lb but apparently gained fat and am now back up to 30%! I've only been off grains and under 150g carbs for about 5 days but now I don't know whether to carry on as I am, up the carbs and lower the fat or lower the carbs even more. I'm now 11stone10 pounds. I think I look slimmer but it might just be that my stomach seems smaller as it's not so bloated.

Exercise wise I walk lots and do a work out with weights and 20mins of cardio 2-3 times a week.