Yesterday marked one month of eating primally. Is that a word? Anyway, I say eating primal not going primal because I did not change my fitness which is just once a week zumba, or my sleeping which is often midnight computer usage. I eat mostly meat with some veggies (living by myself and salad feels like a lot of work.. Lazy bum), no sugar or grains and little fruit. I frequently have several strips if bacon in the morning, maybe a fruit or veggie snack mid day, and a steak or other meat for dinner. I do use Mio water flavoring which has artificial sweetener, mostly because I don't have air conditioning and flavored water tastes more refreshing for some reason. ANYWAY, I lost 11.2 lbs and roughly 4-5% body fat as measured on one of those special scales! I haven't seen the 150' s in awhile, so 159.9 was a great day! I'm 5' 7, so when 159.4 got me into the Normal category of BMI that was another great day. My goal is 135 by December but I don't care about the number as much as appearance! 22% body fat is another rough goal.

This month I'm starting to work on fitness! I decided to use the Bill Philips Body for Life program, which us similar to primal concepts except it isolates muscle groups more. By December I want to do one pull up and seventeen push ups! Plus be more proportional; there's an hourglass under this pear somewhere! I notice that I feel sluggish and grouchy if I cheat one day (like my two birthday parties, father's day, and yesterday for Independence Day!).... And I'm pretty sure my life long, occasionally debilitating depression is better! I'm so excited by the quick results and positive benefits of this way of eating. Can't wait to are what next month brings when I add fitness!!