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Thread: Kia Ora (hello!) From New Zealand

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    Kia Ora (hello!) From New Zealand

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    Kia Ora and G'day to everyone!

    Just wanted to introduce Myself. I live with my 5 children, lovely hubby and nephew in lovely Whangarei New Zealand. Just started the whole PRIMAL thing over the last week or two and love the way no dairy and no grains makes me feel which is A LOT HAPPIER!! I have suffered from Reactive Hypoglycemia and depression over the years, but couldn't take meds because I hated how they made me feel. Since I have started I have felt a lot stronger physically, and more energetic! Right now I am in the process of weaning the rest of my family off grains and dairy during the school holidays. absolutely LOVE this website!

    Would be great to hear from other
    Kiwis around here! Oh and anybody else!!

    From Te-Rangi
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