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Thread: Coconut milk solidified why?

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    Coconut milk solidified why?

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    I bought coconut milk about a
    Month ago and kept it in my cupboard.

    I went to use it the other day and opened the can and it wasn't liquid anymore.

    Am I supposed to not keep it in the panty?

    Did I do something wrong?

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    did you try shaking it? how cold is your house? i keep mine in the pantry and never had an issue.
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    Was the entire contents of the can solidified, or just a thick top layer?

    If you just had a thick top layer, that is supposed to be that way. That top layer is the coconut cream - the fatty portion, just like cow's milk cream separates from the milk upon standing as long as the cow's milk hasn't been homogenized.

    You can whip this top layer of coconut milkfat just like you would make fresh whipped cream - chill and whip until fluffy. It is totally yummy.

    If the entire can was solidified, I think you got a spoiled product. Try another can.

    Coconut milk in cans is stable at cupboard temperatures. Sometimes folks do put theirs in the fridge so as to have a more solid layer of coconut milkfat that is easier to separate from the liquid portion.

    If you do not want separated coconut milk liquid and milkfat, leave your cans in the cupboard (warmer there) and just shake each can before opening.

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    Hmm I don't know of the whole can was I saw the top and threw it out. I'll buy more and see. My house isn't cold at all. It's 74 during the day when we aren't home and 70 at night

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    That just means you have nice fatty coconut milk! Yum!

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    Yeah, anything below 75 will likely keep it more solid than liquid, especially if it falls to around 70 at night.

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    that happened to me before and it was an old can, I presume.

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    That means that you have the good stuff. There are two varieties of coconut milk I can buy and one stays thin and liquidy at room temperature, while the other is 2/3 solid with 1/3 of liquid 'whey' at the bottom. I only buy the 'solid' one now.
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    Ok so when a recipe calls for coconut milk do I just use the solid part on the recipe? Do I have to melt it or anything? I went to use it in an egg bake so assumed I would need it to be liquid to mix it

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    I believe on the label for Coconut Manna it says it starts to soften at 73 degrees. It's probably cooler than that in your pantry. I prefer my coconut milk to harden so I can pour out the watery stuff and use only the creamy stuff.
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