My husband and I went to our first prenatal class last weekend - lunch was included.
I laughed when I got up to the buffet table. I mean, really?! I'm growing a human here! Give me some REAL FOOD!

Wilted veggie tray that I would have found acceptable to feed 6-8 people...there were 30 of us.
Lasagna. Yay.
Huge bowl of Apples!!!
Enough giant bakery-style cookies for each person to have 2 or 3.
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, and chocolate milk.

After everyone had gone through the line, you better believe I went back up and polished off the lone cherry tomato and celery remnants from the veggie tray...

When I dug bottled waters out of my purse for us, we got some looks. One girl said, "Oh, did you not see the drinks at the end of the table?"

I guess there's nothing to be done in these situations, except eat beforehand and bring your own snacks. Some day, at some conference or random class like this, I'm hoping I get pleasantly suprised by the catering...but so far, not so much.