I like to run. Not anything excessive, but probably in the realm of 9-12 miles a week. I was never active growing up, and it's nice to be gaining abilities I never had as I keep at it (getting close to being able to complete a half marathon). I run barefoot so I've gone through stages of downtime coping with various overuse injuries, sometimes lasting a few months, but I always manage to heal and get beyond them.

About 3 months ago I took a break to deal with some minor tendonitis, and when I ran again a couple weeks later I had awful twitching in my left calf which subsided a couple miles into it. I thought nothing of it until I tried to run again and got sharp, painful twitching throughout both calves, which got intensely worse when I was resting.

I'm better now, but if I squat or cross my legs I feel the pain. If I run it comes back and I have to deal with my legs randomly twitching for a few days afterwards. The strangest part is if I push through it and complete a run, the pain goes away and stays away. But if I take a few days off, it returns with a vengeance. Does anyone have an idea of what it might be?