It definitely takes time for your body to work itself out. When I first went primal, I ate VERY little. I'm male, 6'0, and at the time was around 240lbs. I'd eat roughly around 1500 calories a day, max (never been a calorie counter). After about a month, things just took off. I wanted to eat everything in sight. 1lb of ground beef in a sitting or 6 or 8 eggs. After another month or so, it balanced out again. All in all I was burning fat during the process and losing body weight.

Keep in mind that losing weight on a scale is an up and down process. I can fluctuate several, several pounds over a few day period but if I look back over a 1 month period of time, where ever I'm at on that day is less than I was roughly 30 days earlier (I don't step on scales often either )