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Thread: 325 pound female - 45 minutes at the gym - what should I do?

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    325 pound female - 45 minutes at the gym - what should I do?

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    Yes, I'm 325 pounds, but please don't insult me by telling me the best I can do is to walk 2.0 miles per hour at zero incline for 10 minutes. I have more endurance than most women 100 pounds lighter than me, and I have strong, muscular legs.

    I can't decide between 45 minutes of cardio, 45 minutes of strength machines, or some mix of both. Any advice?

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    I would definitely pick resistance training over cardio. Much better bang for your buck for anyone, regardless of gender or weight. Just make sure the weights are heavy enough to challenge you. Machines are alright, but free weights and body weight exercises are more fun, to me.

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    15 minutes of high intensity weight training with little to no rest between sets (do 5 compound movements until "failure").....spend the other 30 minutes catching your breath.

    Or walk the rest of the time if you like.

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    What they have said.

    FYI we are not in the habit of telling people what they cant do - we try to focus on what people can do/try and point them in the right direction for health.
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    I'm in a similar boat. I have a lot of strength and endurance and 2 miles walking at zero incline sounds awful.
    I do simple fit ( and I like it a lot. Its fast (15-25 minutes), easy (not complicated) but physically challenging and easy to measure progress. Its 3 days on (MWF) and the other days are for rest. Simple fit makes me feel good. I'm tired and a little sore, but not so much so that I can't move. I never liked that, it seems defeating. I am refreshed and ready for the workout the next day. Once I get a little more acclimated to regular workouts, I'm going to start biking to work when I can. I think tonight I'll take the bike to the store.

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    With your weight you can handle the free weights designed for men much easier than the smaller women (I had to live through a few embarrassing weeks when i had to use small bars instead of the Olympic bar on the over-head press and bench press). I suggest you try yourself out against the barbell on the squatting rack and the bench. Try something like Strong Lifts 5x5. Heavy lifting is one perfect area where your body weight does not impede you but actually helps. I bet you can pull a monster deadlift!
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