i was drunk from 600ml of rum and just finished smoking a blunt when i told the Group that i can run a mile in 9 minutes with my efficient mechanics: small steps and leaning forward.

i tripped over a curb and gashed the bottom of my foot, but i did not know immediately, so kept running thinking i had a blister. when i returned to the Start i was shocked to see blood and a big chunk of skin hanging.

i put three big bandages on it, pressed firmly, and hoped that the skin would reattach. later that night i opened it and performed the first cleaning, some 6 hours after the accident. i cleaned the wound by pouring a 1/4 bottle of rubbing alochol directly on it, and there was much pain from this. the pain lasted about a minute, it was stinging.

the next day i got some neosporin and applied a bandaid. later that night, now this is the second night after the accident, i put my foot in a warm foot bath.

the third day, i jumped in the pool and the let the chlorine take care of it.

now on the fourth day i realize that the skin will never reattach, but it will fall off, and a new layer will build.

i hope to be running barefoot again within 10 days.

all the playa hataz and naysayers, the weak bitches, they tell me "oh now you will wear sneakers!", and they say this with a self-righteous smile, but i tell them "i will run barefoot forever, but never again will i do it drunk".

don't give up.