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Thread: Don't Cheat!

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    Don't Cheat!

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    I had been doing great with my first week of primal eating, and then I decided I had earned a "cheat meal" and ate half of a large Pizza Hut pan pizza. It was delicious, of course, but getting back on the horse is SO difficult. I just want McDonald's. Instead, I will have a bunch of eggs cooked in coconut oil and hope for the best.

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    LOL! I did that over the weekend! Had some nachos and candy over the weekend, YIKES! Felt like I could because I was travelling. Didn't feel great afterwards either sigh.... Won't do that again! (I hope). Good luck!

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    I have been cheating a bit lately, but my fasts seem to keep things in check. I have noticed more nasal congestion.

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