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Thread: Source of Vitamin A

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    Source of Vitamin A

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    Hi all,

    I've got some concerns about my optimal source of vitamin A. I have been eating quite a few greens, but I seem to have a strange reaction to them - they make my mouth very numb and bitter. Even steaming them and adding butter stills gives me that strange numbness. Once in a while I'll buy a liver, but I have to have a taste for it, otherwise it's somewhat hard to stomach.

    I'm just wondering, would a simple carrot be a good enough source of vitamin A? I believe one whole carrot is something around at least 80% of your daily recommended value. Is there an advantage to getting this vitamin from greens as opposed to carrots, or can I just eat my carrots - a vegetable I really do like and have no strange reaction to.


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    Nothing wrong with carrots/sweet potatoes as a source of Vit A esp. if you have liver once in a while as well. That should take care of you. Too many carrots and other orange foods can turn your skin yellow/orange. Not a biggy though and it may help protect from the sun :-)

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    One whole carrot contains a huge amount of beta carotene, but not everyone can convert this to retinol efficiently. The ratio of beta carotene to converted retinol varies from 4 to 28. Also, you need to cook and eat them with fat (shouldn't be a problem for any of us) for maximal bioavailability of the beta carotene. Eating a raw carrot gets you only 3% of the beta-carotene; steaming gets you 10%, roasting gets you 63%.

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