I've been eating primally since February '12 I believe. I was very strict and followed everything exactly at that start. Over the past 4 weeks, since hitting my goals of both bodyweight/body fat and overall appearance, I've trailed off and gone back to "cheating" a bit more than I even think I should. I think its a culmination of things. For one, people I work with were starting to tell me I looked awfully "lean." My wife has also been trying to get me to eat more because she says, "You've done a great job, this one thing isn't going to hurt you." The problem is that she tempts me in this way almost every other day now.

I guess I'm scared to fast forward 3-4 months from now and see all of my hard work over the past 5-6 months...GONE. At the same time, I'm enjoying having 2 scoops of ice cream a couple times/week and/or enjoying those french fries/tator tots, that are left over after my wife finishes her 'eat anything she wants' dinner. I've also been occasionally adding a diet soda to my meal instead of plain water for the sweet taste.

I'm sure some of you have had struggles like this. I, more or less, just wanted to voice my frustration and lack of focus right now and I guess I want some encouragement. I'm needy, what can I say. Thanks for listening.