in the grand scheme of things 4 months isn't very long to change a lifetime's worth of eating habits. personally i'd still try to remain more vigilant than lapsing into ice cream and soda a few times per week.

having treats every so often is fine, but i think the longer you go without stuff, especially commercially-produced cakes/cookies/etc., the worse they taste when you do finally cave. i absolutely cannot have store-bought cakes or cookies anymore. they smell weird and even a bite is just gross. the smell of soda is offensive too and as a teen i lived on diet pepsi.

have fruit and heavy whipping cream. have amazing chocolate. have duck-fat french fries, or sweet potato wedges roasted in bacon fat. have an awesome treat, instead of junky garbage food.

and mebbe have a talk with your wife about why she wants to sabotage you? you feel great and look amazing, right? does this threaten her somehow? would she say a little whisky won't hurt to a recovering alcoholic?