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Thread: Samphire - delicious!

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    Samphire - delicious!

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    I saw some strange green plant things at my fishmonger this morning - samphire. I bought some and had it with herring roes and broccoli for breakfast. It cooks in seconds - just blanch in boiling water and serve with a pat of butter

    John Rarity

    Has anyone other cooking tips for this ??

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    I LOVE samphire! It' s certainly one of my favourite veggies. A bit hard to source where I come from, so I buy some every time I see it.
    I eat it with any fish, sometimes even with meat, especially lamb. You don't have too cook it - it works well raw in salads too. However I think you got it the best way the first time - blanched/steamed (only to heat it up, not cook, otherwise it changes colour and doesn't taste that nice) with butter - it's heaven. Just don't add salt - at least for me it's salty as it is
    Could be an interesting "beer snack" as well because of the saltiness and slight bitterness. I am not a beer lover though.

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    good to throw in stir frys to,, just at the last minute or two as it cooks fast.
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    I LURVE samphire.. there are two types, rock samphire and marsh samphire. In the UK the marsh samphire is foraged in Norfolk and the rock samphire in Cornwall.

    Abel and Cole is selling wild samphire right now and it's yummy but noticeably salty. It's on offer right now 100g for 1.95 GBP. The only supermarket which sells samphire AFAIK is ASDA. My local store has 90g ASDA Extra Special samphire imported from Israel, for 1.32 GBP

    It is possible to buy the seeds and plants to grow samphire, even inland. It seems I can't post links so if you're in the UK and want the links pls PM me. I'm not linked to any of the nurseries myself.

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